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Ferragamo Wedge Ring (Store-Display Model)
Ferragamo Wedge Ring (Store-Display Model)
Ferragamo Wedge Ring (Store-Display Model)
Ferragamo Wedge Ring (Store-Display Model)

Ferragamo Wedge Ring (Store-Display Model)

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Wear Luxury with This 6.75 Sterling Silver & Gold-Plated Wedge Ring Featuring Rows Of Silver, Yellow, and Rose Gold That Flow Together


Italian luxury goods company Ferragamo specializes in shoes, Swiss watches, leather goods, jewelry, and ready-to-wear clothing for men and women. The company has many famous creations under its belt, such as metal-reinforced stiletto heels favored by Marilyn Monroe and Margaret Thatcher's popular handbags. The company offers an eclectic portfolio of luxury goods that are favored by celebrities and distinguished clientele worldwide.

Ferragamo Sterling Silver & Gold Wedge Ring - 6.75 (Store-Display Model)
This sophisticated Ferragamo Sterling Silver and Gold plated Band Ring features a row of silver, yellow, and rose gold that flows together. The ring size is 6.75 with a width of 11.5mm. This designer jewelry is shipped with a Ferragamo Box. Sterling silver will naturally tarnish with exposure to the air, environment, and beauty products. Regular cleaning will help keep your silver sparkling.

Authenticity Guaranteed. All Products are Store-Display Models, Sourced from Authorized Retailers. They’ve only been handled by staff and tried on by customers but have never left the store. Some have never left the store vault.

  • 11.5mm width. Eye-catching ring width that goes well with any style
  • 6.75 ring size. Luxurious silver band that sits perfectly on your finger
  • Perfect for casual wear. Fits & adds layers to your everyday style
  • Care instruction. Regular cleaning will help keep your silver sparkling
  • Luxurious packaging. Shipped with a Ferragamo box



  • Model: 703438
  • Plating: sterling silver, gold
  • Ring size: 6.75
  • Width: 11.5mm
  • Ring type: wedge
  • Brand: Ferragamo
  • Country of origin: Italy


  • Ferragamo Sterling Silver & Gold Wedge Ring - 6.75 (Store-Display Model)

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